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Let's Talk Books!

Welcome to Natasha Reads a Lot!

This is my cozy corner of the internet to talk about books, give recommendations and interact with other book lovers.

I have always loved reading and since graduating university I have been able to get back into reading and enjoying all the amazing authors that are out there. I love to talk about the books I read especially when they leave me wanting more! I realized I couldn't find many places to talk books that aren't just for reviews so I decided to start this space. Here we can talk about books, share thoughts and gain insight from other readers so feel free to comment to your hearts content! I want this to be a fun space to share thoughts and get book recommendations.

All reviews will have an upper section for people who haven't read the book and then a spoiler warning before the lower section that goes into more detail.

Pickup a mug or glass of your favourite beverage, curl up somewhere comfy, and let's chat!


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